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Daniel Diaz / Proyectos
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Some of Daniel Diaz's  projects, current and past

Solo Albums

From 1996 The Years Alone, and 2002 Segundo Ciclo, through 2012's all-acoustic, compilation Maquina Blanda. Featuring Daniel Diaz's fusion (jazz/world/experimental) compositions and his arranger, performer and multi-instrumental skills. Extraordinary talented guest musicians from around the globe. Themes : Latest project (2013). Music for films, TV and Theater.

Swan Song 

DD's last album to be released in "disc" format , work in progres, to be released late 2014 or early 2015.
SoundTrack/Production Music / Musique à L'image Dedeland Music offers an extensive and diverse collection of production music, appropriate for all forms of media projects (TV/Films/Background Music, etc.).

electronica sensible

Released December 2014, a collection of production music tracks in different electronica styles, from 70's to the present.
Musique Mécanique Recorded in 2008-2009. Limited edition boxset and standard CD.
“electronic” sounding music (and music inspired by electronica) performed using instruments and objects that produce sounds by mechanical means.
LOW   "No synths used, no drums, no percussion, no guitars,  just basses."  Volume 1 is an album of original compositions by DD, performed exclusively on seven different acoustic and electric Basses. Volume 2, a collection of DD's favourite standards.
Trio Diaz/Rangell/Estrella Daniel Diaz's current live act & CD, performed in trio with USA woodwind player Bobby Rangell and Argentinean percussionist Javier Estrella. Intimate & warm sound . Pop-meet-jazz-meet-world.


Instrumental Rock, Frank Joannes: Guitar, Chloë Brasset: Drums, Daniel Diaz: Bass. LP to be released 2013.
Elec'Tango Bandonéon, Violin, Upright Bass, programming & samples.

Other Projects & Groups
Some projects were DedeLand Music is involved in any way, or projects we like





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  Solstice by Daniel Diaz

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"Arrojado a la quietud
divisaré esa playa última de tu ser
y te veré por vez primera quizás como Dios ha de verte,
desbaratada la ficción del Tiempo
sin el amor, sin mí."