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  "Electro World Jam"  

Electro World Jam

Electronic samples, world music beats and instruments, experimental sounds and structures, haunting moods and deep melodic & harmonic content. Performed by multi-cultural musicians around the globe exchanging files and “virtually jamming” against each other’s tracks.
Files assembled, mutilated, arranged, metamorphosed and edited by Daniel “Dédé” Diaz in Paris.

File under: world/electronica/experimental

Composed And Produced By:
Daniel "Dédé" Díaz/DedeLand Music Co.

Raga Kalyan Composed By Rik Hambra.

Recorded in Paris, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, New York and Villa Gesell between 2002 and 2006 .

Avilable on CD & Download.
catalogue # DD CD010

(c)&(p)2006 by DedeLand/EXODOS


Dec2007: DedeLand's Trance 01 "Pub" from Electro World Jam  included in Sonic Vouge's "Sound of Style" compilation, released on double CD and mu-stick on DEC17th/2007.

EWJ is experimental. It is not dance or electronica, Even if most of its sounds and beats could be inspired by ambient music or downtempo-chillout-lounge, it would be misleading (and disappointing to lounge fans) to consider this album a regular CD in those styles. Instruments, samples and performances are also inspired in fusion, jazz and classical styles, which give Electro World Jam its unique combination of complexity and easy going moods. Check out “Trance 01” with its easy lounge groove, spicy jungle breaks and melodic vocoder. Or “Premier” and “Guachyguayno” with their weird, acid and outré codas. And the funky use of South American charango, etc etc. This was a cooperative, multi-cultural experiment.

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Performed By:

Daniel Díaz: basses, keyboards.
Rik Hambra: vocal, percuss.
Atilas Maggione: melodica
Alex Under: programming, electronica.
Rooy Van Der Cañas : charango.
Atahualpa You Funky! : programming, electronica.
Bulgui : quena, sax.
Tomoko Sato: vocoder.
Ringo Estrella: cajon, drums;
Nikki Taylor: rhodes, piano.
Robertor: distortion guitar.
Haydée Kadente&Chango K.: backing vox.
Carmine Saladei: programming, electronica.
Rudy Von Punjabi: israj violin.
Ekaterina Mentieva: backing vox.
Chiche Cleyderman: Acousic Piano.
Señor Fernàndez: Bandoneon.
Susy Cologo, Peggy & Carmen: backing vox.
Yoko Ito, Gegê & Greta Morbo: backing vox.

Graphic Design: Jimmy Churri
Photos: Daniel Diaz
Management: Walter Ego
Technician: Todd Ohmal

DedeLand's Trance 01 "Pub" from Electro World Jam  included in Sonic Vouge's "Sound of Style" compilation.


Composed And Produced By:
Daniel "Dédé" Díaz/DedeLand Music Co.






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"A nadie te pareces desde que yo te amo.
Déjame tenderte entre guirnaldas amarillas.
Quién escribe tu nombre con letras de humo entre las estrellas del sur?
Ah déjame recordarte cómo eras entonces, cuando aún no existías." P.N.