Daniel Diaz started releasing digital singles in January 2019, some new music, some remixes or reworks from his unreleased back catalogue:



Emily Dickinson

Classical guitar, soundscape, spoken voice.

A contemplative musical appreciation of Emily DICKINSON (1830 – 1886) composed and performed by D.D. in Paris, France, September 2018.

Includes “selected Poems of Emily Dickinson Read by: Becky Miller
used with much love and gratitude.

00: 00 After great pain, a formal feeling comes
01:04 Hope is the thing with feathers
02:02 The Soul selects her own society,
02:40 I never hear the word “escape”

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I played the same note (La – A) or a basic power chord (A-E-A) on several instruments:
-Upright piano
-Acoustic guitar (nylon string)
-Ukuleles (2)
-Charangos (2)
-Upright bass
-Electric bass guitar (2)

Then I played some harmonic sparks on my bass guitar and some random hi pitch notes on the piano to create some still+-moving harmonic content. (Mostly around Am/Amaj) The sustained drones are reverbs of many “long-infinite decay” types. I added some field recordings (mountain forests, etc)

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Altiplano Electrico

experimental & panoramic electric guitar.

Performed by DD in Paris, solo Epiphone Sheraton electric guitar.

Photo by by Setuan Ajina

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The Black Rain

experimental acoustic ambient.

Performed by DD in Paris, January 22nd 2018 (ukulele, bowed upright basses)
No Synthesizers used, nor samples.

Photo by Colin Rex

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Altiplano Electrico

experimental & panoramic electric guitar.

Performed by DD in Paris, solo Epiphone Sheraton electric guitar.

Photo by by Setuan Ajina

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Tibetan Bowls

experimental acoustic ambient.

New single performed on several Tibetan bowls, hit and rubbed with wood mallets.

Composed and perforemd by D.D. 2019

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Un Clásico Andino

DD: charango, upright bass, percussion, synth pad
Miguel Yanover: recorder (flute à bec)

Recorded at different times from 2013 till 2015 in Argentina, France and Spain.

Photo is from Arto Marttinen

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Ambient, mostly acoustic track.


Indian Harmonium as it sounds listened through concrete walls

Synths and electric piano buried on “concrete basement” convolution reverb.

Composed and performed by Daniel Diaz, 2019.

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Melodic-Ambient, mostly acoustic track.


  • Tibetan bowls
  • Shakuhachi
  • Melodica Hohner
  • Treated dulcimer
  • Clocks
  • Tongue drums (treated)
  • Matrix 12 synth pad
  • Voices

Composed and performed by DD in Paris, France, May 2018.

The Uncertain Glory Of An April Day

Acoustic experimental instrumental using changing odd time signatures.

Ukuleles (two takes left-right)
Upright bass
Analogue synth (à la Rick Wright)

Composed and performed by DD, December 2018

Photo by Vivek Kumar


To The Moonlight


Two Ukuleles
Multiple bowed upright basses
Cellos and Violins from different libraries.

Performed by DD in Paris, 2018

Image by Benjamin Child

La Morne

Melodic Ambient

Drone/Soundscape based on the extraordinary sustain of my Drake Custom 5 bass (main tracks here are a drone (volume pedal) impro and an harmonics melody on that bass)
Additional sounds are orchestral samples, synthesizers, a violin track through granulate plugin and some martin J15 acoustic guitar strums severely manipulated using Paulstrech software.

Track inspired by the magnificent light and amazing wind blowing around La Morne, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, at the south-west end of Mauritius, during certain days of the month of August.


A Ghostly Melody

Experimental melodic ambient

Soundscape (synths and samples)

April 2018, Paris France

Picture by Casey Horner


Silent Facing The Sea

Experimental instrumental


brass samples



Composed and performed by Daniel Diaz

Paris, France, October 17-18th 2018.

Image by Patrick Fore







Shallow Water, Winter Moon

Experimental instrumental

Electric guitar (Epiphone semi-hollow body)
Geosonic samples:
Field recordings by Chris Watson (ice and water)
Treatments (delay, filter, saturation, paulstrech)

Picture by Teddy Kelley

Performed by DD, Paris, France, January 24th and 25th 2018











Aux Compositerus Barbares

A riff an its interminable variations.

Instrumental experimental rock.

Electric guitars
Acoustic guiatrs
Upright bass
Electric basses

Composed and performed by DD, November 2017.

Photo by Frida Bredesen


World’s End Serenade


12 electric guitars (clean, distortion, e-bow)
Bass guitar

Composed and performed by DD June 2018

Image by Karsten Wurth