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Swan Song a final "disc" by Daniel Diaz 2014-2015 
You can also order Swan Song here http://cdbaby.com/cd/danieldiaz8
and here https://danieldiaz.bandcamp.com/album/swan-song 

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MP3-320kbps 11 tracks, Total time 47:26 minutes of instrumental music.
Mastered from limited/compressed master.
16bit 44.1 Khz resolution.
Dynamic range DR9.
ZIP file sIze 94 Mo
BUY 7€
FLAC-24bit Includes 29:23 of bonus tracks from the Swan Song sessions.16 tracks total 76:37 minutes of instrumental music.
Mastered from un-limited/un-compressed master. 24bit 48kHz resolution.
Dynamic range DR13.
Includes digital booklet, lead sheet music (6 songs). ZIP file size 831 Mo
BUY 9€
Includes 29:23 of bonus tracks from the Swan Song sessions. 16 tracks total 76:37 minutes of instrumental music.
Mastered from un-limited/un-compressed master. 
CD in Eco-wallet gatefold with 8 page booklet.
16bit 44.1 Khz resolution. Dynamic range DR13
BUY 16€




Includes 29:23 of bonus tracks from the Swan Song sessions. 16 tracks total, 76:37 minutes of instrumental music.
Mastered from un-limited/un-compressed master.
Includes MP3s, from limited/compressed master.

-CD in Eco-wallet gatefold with 8 page booklet.
16bit 44.1 Khz resolution. Dynamic range DR13.
-Download of whole 16 tracks, from the same un-limited/un-compressed master. but in HiRes.
24bit 48kHz resolution. Includes digital booklet, lead sheet music (6 songs)
BUY 18€

About audio resolution and formats:

  • MP3 16bit/320kbps audio, is a lossy format, mastered files are CD quality (16bit, 44.1 kHz) and then compressed to make them smaller in file size. The highest possible MP3 resolution (320 kbps) has been used, but this is a "lossy" file format, meaning that some musical information (sometimes difficult to perceive) is lost in the encoding.
    Master files are sourced from a normal "mastered" version of the full album. Music has been slightly compressed and limited, making it sound louder but reducing it's dynamic range. This is the usual mastering you find in most commercial music releases, but compression and limiting has been using very sparsely to preserve this music's dynamics and sound.

  • CD (Compact Disc) 16bit/1411kbps audio, FIles are sourced from an un-compressed/un-limited master, CD is  higher resolution than mp3 (but smaller than FLAC). CD is a 16bit audio format, while this music has been recorded in 24bit (so 33% of this resolution has been compressed to create CD compatible audio)

  • FLAC 24bit/2304kbps audio, Flac is a lossless audio format. Files are compressed but without losing any musical transients or information. This encoding allows to have smaller files than the original masters, but with exactly the same audio information. Files are much bigger than MP3 (4x bigger) but smaller than original master files (around half the size). Think of a FLAC file as a kind of RAR or ZIP file. Most music players, telephones and computers can decode and playback FLAC (a free codec).
    Because FLAC can reproduce all of the musical information in detail, High Resolution 24bit/48kHz master files are used for encoding. No compression/limiting has been used in the mastering process for these files, so all the dynamics are there. These are the final tracks as we hear them in the mixing studio.

    Any question?  email:          info(a)dedeland.com

  • You can also order Swan Song here http://cdbaby.com/cd/danieldiaz8
    and here https://danieldiaz.bandcamp.com/album/swan-song 

  • Trouvez SWAN SONG à Paris chez "Tierra De Gauchos"  58 RUE SAINT-PLACIDE 75006 PARIS




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Thanks for your interest and support.

Swan Song info and track list here






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Track Tilte Composed: Performed by: Time
1.   Otoño y Martes Buenos Aires 1996 Line Kruse: violins
Damian Jarry: cello
DD: piano, up. bass, bowed basses, classical guitar.
2.   Os Historicos Paris 2005 Bobby Rangell: Flutes
DD: percussion, acoustic bass guitar, drums, drum programs, fender rhodes, vibes
3.   Romantica Cromatica Paris 2004 Line Kruse: Violin   /  Leandro Guffanti: Sop. sax
DD: accordina, upright bass, piano, charango.
Daniel Miguez: Drums   /  N. Pedreira: Guitar
4.   Antefinal New York 1994 Steve Arguelles: drums
Olivier Manoury: bandoneon
DD: fender rhodes; electric bass, lead bass. 

5.   Ganimedes

Buenos Aires 1990 Line Kruse: Violins.
Inor Sotolongo: Congas, Drums.
DD: piano, up. bass, marimba, ukulele, drum program, Caxixis, moog synth.

6.   Erik Satie’s Farewell

Villa Gesell 2008 Olivier Manoury: bandoneon
DD: requinto, vibes, drums, up. bass.
7.    Alexis Luminoso Paris 2008 DD: ac. guitars (steel string), up .bass, bowed basses. 01:49
8.  Tristesse Collatéral Paris 2009 DD: piano, up. bass, classical guitar, treatments and tape delays. 03:43
9.   Same Old Song Buenos Aires 2009 Miguel Yanover: tenor sax
DD: piano, drums, up. bass.
10.  Harold's Lake Paris 2014 Damien Jarry: cello
DD: piano, hang, up. bass, samples & treatments
11.  Resumé (Swan Song) Paris 2014 Steve Arguelles: Drums
David Lewis: flugel horn
DD: piano, up. bass.
Bonus Tracks (CD and Deluxe Digital editions) 
12.   Palermo      Buenos Aires 1988 Bobby Rangell: Alto Sax   /  Javier Estrella: Drums / Patrick Bebey; Rhodes    /   D.D. Upright bass 08:54
13.   Neo-Zamba
       (Fin de siècle)
Paris 2013 Bobby Rangell: Flutes  /  Javier Estrella: Drums
D.D. Upright bass, hammond, vibes, accordina

14.   New York Polonaise

New York 1996 Line Kruse: violin
DD: piano, drums, up. bass, accordina, ac. bass guitar.
15.   Gandolfini Etc Paris 2013 Luis Rigu: flutes
DD: fretless bass, hang, harmonium, percussion.
16.  Vignette L.A. Los Angeles 2008 Damian Jarry: cello
Gustavo Bulgach: clarinet
DD: ac.piano, drums, up. bass, samples & treatments.

SWAN SONG by Daniel Diaz                                                                       REVIEW November 2015
DedeLand/Exodos October 2015

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer, Daniel Diaz, releases a new album, Swan Song, which is an instrumental gem that includes sixteen tracks and a total running length of nearly seventy-eight minutes long. The Argentinean-native brings together South American nuances, jazz melodies, new age arrangements, and laid-back, cinematic compositions for a truly world music recording that includes a range of musicians from the USA, Cameroon, UK, Denmark, France, Australia, and Cuba. Daniel plays bass, guitars, piano, vibes, hang, harmonium, percussion, accordina, charango, ukulele, and synth.

“Romantica Cromatica” begins with a few twinkling piano notes, laid-back swishy percussion, and accordina or bandoneon sounds. The jaunty mix contains some emotive violin displays from Denmark’s Line Kruse. The light percussion, strings, and piano notes signal a South American jazz medley with neo-classical, roots, and folk wanderings. The guitar sounds are rather acoustic and playful throughout. The violin amplifies the middle part of the song, as a fluid sax melody ensues. The quaint and diverse melody is rather romantic and evocative, but not too showy. The music showcases some excitement near the end of the song with a flurry of musical activity, but it is all very relevant and necessary.

“Os Historicos” opens with a swishy percussion melody and Spanish-tinged guitar set-up with clarinet sounds and a rousing rhythm that is very breezy and South American in tone. The short tune is more of an interlude, but it is very adventurous with a host of acoustic and electric instruments leading the way. The music is very upbeat without any missteps. It is almost Brazilian in tone with historical elements, too.

“Palermo” opens with a few cymbal clashes, eerie pings, blips, and horn sounds that seem rather incongruous. However, the brass sounds, tapping percussion, clanging cymbals, fluid vibes, and light melodies bring together a variety of elements that seem to work well together. The sub-nine-minute track is full of interesting sounds and instruments that culminate into a work of neo-jazz, avant-garde, and world fusion music. The sax blurts break up the music in experimental ways that do not detract too much from the rest of the instruments. In short, there is a lot of music in the nine-minutes.

“Neo Zamba (Fin De Siecle)” begins with a gritty guitar intro, sporadic percussion, breezy clarinet sounds, and rootsy sounds that weave in and out of various jazz idioms. The Fender Rhodes creates a funky, experimental, and classic sound with a dash of South American nostalgia that encompasses light, sauntering beats and instrumental arrangements that are very enjoyable.

“Harold’s Lake” opens with a few pensive piano notes and background washes with violin accents. The emotive work is rather new age in delivery, but the jazzy elements are still there. The diverse and almost frenzied string arrangements early in the song appear later in the song, too. The earthy violin sounds are not as refined as in classical music, which may be a deterrent for some. At any rate, fans of diverse jazz and roots music will appreciate Daniel’s organic treatment here.

Daniel Diaz’ latest release, Swan Song, may be a cliché, but that is where the fun begins. Throughout the sixteen tracks, Daniel brings out rousing rhythms, evocative melodies, a slew of instruments and guests, and a frolic through jazz, neo-classical, roots, new age, and avant-garde music. The result is a fusion of sorts that mainly experiments with the instrumental side of things with a few radio voices added in one track. Listeners should expect an album of surprises, as this is not a traditional album, vocal album, or rock album. It is an almost indescribable melding of South American and Mayan elements for today’s listeners.

Review by Matthew Forss (November 2015)
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5) *****







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"La luz discurre inventando sucios colores
Y con algún remordimiento
De mi complicidad en el resurgimiento del día
Solicito mi casa,
Atónita y glacial en la luz blanca,
Mientras un pájaro detiene el silencio
Y la noche gastada
Se ha quedado en los ojos de los ciegos.." J.L.B.