Music for TV/Films

Works for TV/Film/Theatre – Production Music.

Besides his extensive work for some of the world’s finest Music Libraries, Daniel Diaz composes on demand music for films theatre and TV.
He works in Paris, France in his recording studio where he records, edits, and mixes his own projects and other clients music. He uses his mobile studio to capture sounds while travelling around the world. This gives him autonomy and a fast response to special request/commissions.

Daniel Diaz’s talents as a multi-instrumentalist allows him to create rich compositions as a stand alone musician, performing: acoustic piano, acoustic and electric guitars and basses, upright bass (pizz and bowed), synthesizers, programming, ukelele, charango, harmonium, hang (hand pan), percussion, accordina, melodica, and certain Indian flutes.

He he has a diverse roster of talented artists in Paris, USA, Spain and Argentina, who he can call upon if needed to provide additional instrumentation (woodwinds, drums, cello, violin, accordion, bandoneon and trumpet).

Full production music / TV /Film discography here


DD music is present on on these music libraries:

Cezame Music Agency (FR)

Sonoton GmbH (GER)

Omnimusic/APM (USA)

Music Vine & Indiesonics (UK)

Universal Production Music (FR)

You can also find a full catalogue of DD’s available for easy clear, one-stop licenses (100% owned by DedeLand Music Co./BMI) compositions on this library:


Daniel Diaz’s compositions have been used on:



Talents Cannes Adami – This trailer’s music composed and performed  by Daniel Diaz :

Quitte Ou Double 2012  (Excerpt) Film by Alexandre Coffre, Music composed by Daniel Diaz
Produced by Smith and Face / Adami / Festival de Cannes