“Souvenirs Panamericanos” by Raúl Barboza & Daniel Díaz

Today, Cezame Music/Cezame Latin released a new album titled Souvenirs Panamericanos composed and recorded with the great accordionist and “chamamé” music big figure Raúl Barboza from Argentina.


At the age of 84, the outstanding accordionist of Chamamé and “litoraleña” music, Raúl Barboza releases a new single, as a preview of the album created together with the virtuoso composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Díaz.

The idea for the album was born during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Barboza and Diaz are Argentinian musicians who have been based in Paris for decades and have already collaborated in a number of projects and concerts. In addition, they are neighbours and at the time when the corona virus began to spread and lockdown was imposed, neighbourly proximity was an advantage as it gave them the time and space for a series of creative exchanges, improvisations and the opportunity for musical exploration.

“Between the two of us, new sounds began to appear. The music of the bass and other instruments inspired me with ideas for the accordion. I always try to look for what is not foreseen, and that’s how a whole repertoire started to emerge”, says Raúl Barboza.

The result is a truly collaborative project, where the musicians have managed to combine two different ways of working in the studio, two languages and two vocabularies.


Album teaser: https://youtu.be/4oz3JHLFCO0

“Toda Una Vida volviendo” https://youtu.be/U03t65OfdBs


Listen to Souvenirs Panamericanos

Spotify  https://open.spotify.com/album/6gXOovGuErHqpLNP1dTTqX

Other platforms: https://bfan.link/souvenirs-panamericanos


Souvenirs Panamericanos (album cover) (C) Juan Hitters


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