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Streaming profiles for Daniel Diaz official discography, singles, albums, EP.

Streaming profiles for Daniel Diaz official discography, singles, albums, EP.

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“Souvenirs Panamericanos” by Raúl Barboza & Daniel Díaz

Today, Cezame Music/Cezame Latin released a new album titled Souvenirs Panamericanos composed and recorded with the great accordionist and “chamamé” music big figure Raúl Barboza from Argentina.


At the age of 84, the outstanding accordionist of Chamamé and “litoraleña” music, Raúl Barboza releases a new single, as a preview of the album created together with the virtuoso composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Díaz.

The idea for the album was born during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Barboza and Diaz are Argentinian musicians who have been based in Paris for decades and have already collaborated in a number of projects and concerts. In addition, they are neighbours and at the time when the corona virus began to spread and lockdown was imposed, neighbourly proximity was an advantage as it gave them the time and space for a series of creative exchanges, improvisations and the opportunity for musical exploration.

“Between the two of us, new sounds began to appear. The music of the bass and other instruments inspired me with ideas for the accordion. I always try to look for what is not foreseen, and that’s how a whole repertoire started to emerge”, says Raúl Barboza.

The result is a truly collaborative project, where the musicians have managed to combine two different ways of working in the studio, two languages and two vocabularies.


Album teaser:

“Toda Una Vida volviendo”


Listen to Souvenirs Panamericanos


Other platforms:

Souvenirs Panamericanos (album cover) (C) Juan Hitters



Press (ES/FR):

Radio France,entrevista Radio París France Musiques Saskia De Ville
Agencia Nacional de Noticias Télam Online Ciudad de Buenos Aires ‘Souvenirs Panamericanos’, nuevo disco de Raúl Barboza junto a Daniel Díaz
Infobae Online Ciudad de Buenos Aires Raúl Barboza explora sonoridades en “Souvenirs Panamericanos”, su nuevo disco
OM Radio Online Buenos Aires ‘Souvenirs Panamericanos’, nuevo disco de Raúl Barboza junto a Daniel Díaz
Radio Nacional Folklórica, programa “Planeta Folk” Radio Ciudad de Buenos Aires Difusión de temas
Diario Página 12, suplemento Radar Diario Ciudad de Buenos Aires Inevitables
Radio Nacional Folklórica, programa “Revuelto de radio” Radio Ciudad de Buenos Aires Difusión de temas
Revuelto de radio Internet Ciudad de Buenos Aires Disco Souvenirs Panamericanos
Radio Nacional Folklórica FM 98.7, programa “Flores negras” Radio Ciudad de Buenos Aires Presentación del disco y difusión de un tema
Diario Folk Online Ciudad de Buenos Aires Críticas de discos › Souvenirs Panamericanos – Raúl Barboza y Daniel Díaz
Noches de jazz Online Ciudad de Buenos Aires Raúl Barboza lanza “Souvenirs Panamericanos” junto a Daniel Díaz
CNN Radio AM 950, programa “Los primeros de la tarde” Radio Ciudad de Buenos Aires Entrevista telefónica a Raúl Barboza y Daniel Díaz



“Latin Percussionary” Daniel Diaz featuring Minino Garay

Hello! Today, Sonoton Music GmbH released a new album titled LATIN PERCUSSIONARY composed and recorded with an old friend and collaborator, Minino Garay from Cordoba, Argentina.

Music video for “LOS REARTES”


Latin Percussionary (C)2022 Juan Hitters

Press Quotes

“On Swan Song, producer and composer Daniel Diaz plays acoustic and electric basses, guitars and pianos, vibes, hang, harmonium, percussion, accordina, charango, ukulele, and synths, along with 15 guest musicians from four continents, to depict a world uniquely his own. It is a culmination of his many talents, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail in every respect.
Though this album is the capstone of a trilogy, preceded by The Years Alone (1995, Green Linnet/Xenophile) and Segundo Ciclo (2002, Timeless Records), it lives by its own manifesto. It’s a peaceful one, whose tenets are best expressed in the five “bonus” tracks that end the album, and which reveal equally personal facets of an artist who speaks of his love for travel through tunes like “Palermo” and “New York Polonaise,” taking listeners through a veritable flipbook of his experience with a humility that can only come from a worldly soul.”
 – Tyran Grillo, Rootsworld september 2016


“Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer, Daniel Diaz, releases a new album, Swan Song, which is an instrumental gem that includes sixteen tracks and a total running length of nearly seventy-eight minutes long. The Argentinean-native brings together South American nuances, jazz melodies, new age arrangements, and laid-back, cinematic compositions for a truly world music recording…
…Swan Song, may be a cliché, but that is where the fun begins. Throughout the sixteen tracks, Daniel brings out rousing rhythms, evocative melodies, a slew of instruments and guests, and a frolic through jazz, neo-classical, roots, new age, and avant-garde music.  The result is a fusion of sorts that mainly experiments with the instrumental side of things with a few radio voices added in one track.  Listeners should expect an album of surprises, as this is not a traditional album, vocal album, or rock album.  It is an almost indescribable melding of South American and Mayan elements for today’s listeners.”

–  Matthew Forss, November 2015                                                    Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)


“Daniel Díaz is Argentinean. Listen to his debut recording ‘The Years Alone’ and you will hear the rhythms of the zamba and the chacarera. You will also hear how the musical heritage has been informed by the composer’s absorption of the “outside”  influences, particularly the jazz, rock, and music synthesis technology of North America. This is a new music, shaped by the irresistible influence Argentina has on her children, and by the perspective and know-how of its creator, Daniel Díaz.
The Years Alone’  has the self-assured, unassuming  character of a natural merging of past and present. The 11 selections  are his own compositions, based in spirit and rhythm on the folklore of his land, and feature his expressive and melodic bass playing and abilities as multi instrumentalist. Díaz’s studies of jazz and classical idioms and affinity for contemporary harmony and technology are evident  throughout, and put an unique stamp on his particular expression of the argentine soul.
A synthesized orchestral section may serve equally well beneath a modern bass and keyboard unison melody, or as an accompaniment to the haunting , melancholic bandoneon. Drum machine co-exists with bombo leguero (the skin-covered drum that is the heart beat of Argentinean traditional music).
Diaz is joined by a variety of South American players contributing their own musical voices on instruments both native and foreign to Argentina, including bandoneon, saxophones, quena and tabla.
The result is a music that is unmistakably infused with the argentine soul, and equally blessed with the spirit of its composer”
– Dan Greenspan, Boston, 1995


“Au décours d’une carrière discographique de plus de vingt cinq ans, Daniel DIAZ nous propose « SWAN SONG » (DeDeLand Music), le troisième volet d’une trilogie entamée en 1995. La parution est annoncée pour le 05 février 2016. Il a compilé des compositions écrites sur une longue période, dans des lieux différents et des styles variés.
Le titre annonce clairement qu’il s’agit du dernier opus physique de l’artiste qui fait le choix dorénavant de se consacrer uniquement à la musique à l’image, à la musique de film, à des sorties numériques de ses compositions et à ses performances de soliste.
Ce compositeur, arrangeur vit en France. Il s’est promené dans tous les styles. Du tango à la fusion world-jazz il a joué avec les plus grands de toutes les disciplines. Dans cet album la technicité est au service de la beauté et de la simplicité. Les mélodies sensibles et les rythmiques multiples évoquent des paysages, des images. et voilà bien ce que l’artiste souhaite générer”.
– Blog Latins de Jazz. Nicole & Bernard VIDEMANN – Jan 2016


“..there seems to be no limits to his talents: composing, arranging, and playing bass, synths, drums, and guitar. There are some sparkling moments on his albums, some new ideas, and some glimmers of real depth. Every song has a moment of brightness….”
– Cliff Furnald, Roots World, New Heaven, USA.


 “The performance and composition on the album are undeniably impressive. Using seven different basses (upright, acoustics, and electrics), Diaz achieves many different sounds and tones from his instruments. Perhaps the most impressive performances are the unaccompanied solo bass tracks like “Zamba Desilucion” and “Farewell.” Diaz’s bow work on “Abstract #2” is rhythmically driving, very exciting, and seems to draw on the glissando playing used so lovingly by composers such as Piazzolla. Low’s compositions lean on the contemporary and modern “classical” side. Many of the pieces are consistently thematic, which allows the listener to experience the compositions, rather than feeling like they are just sitting through a bass tour de force (although it is in fact a bass tour de force!). The entire album is strongly melodic and contrapuntal, and with the (enjoyable) exceptions of the improvised and abstract pieces, the compositions are very directional.”

– Silas Durocher, Saturday, May 03, 2008


“Sensual, Sweet, Somber, sad, sensational, sexy, night, fog, rain, clouds, clear skies, brillant stars, moon glow….are there any other words to describe this emotive music based on non traditional structures and forms? Let me just feel this music: something different again.”
 – April/May 1996 KVMR Program Guide, USA.


Inspirándose en los ritmos de su natal argentina, Díaz compone sus propios temas a los cuales les agrega una fuerte dosis de estructuras musicales tomadas del jazz, rock y música clásica. Son de destacar sus temas Moboro, La China y El Matador y Lluvias Costeras.”
– La Prensa de LOS ÁNGELES, Julio 1996


Für Liebhaber der träumerischen jazzvariante empfiehlt sich die CD des argentiniers Daniel Diaz…Sie bilden keinen Zusatz im Ensemble, sondern vervollkommnen und bereichern -auch in der Abminschung- den Gesamtklang. Eine interesante Ergansung inder CD-Samlung!

– Carola Faber, Jazz Podium Magazine, Germany


Les 2 Amériques parisiennes réunies autour d’un répertoire du cône sud, avec 3 gaillards de bonne stature : Daniel Diaz, bassiste et compositeur, vient d’Argentine, tout comme Javier Estrella, percu tous terrains. Bobby Rangell, lui, vient de l’autre Amérique, celle du nord, son sax et sa flûte sont familiers à toute la galaxie latino-parisienne. Ensemble, ils esquissent les contours d’un univers où tango argentin, candombé uruguayen et autres genres d’Amérique latine font bon ménage avec un jazz qu’ils pimentent à souhait. Hardi chemin de traverse.
– NOVA magazine, Paris France


Amazon Reviews

Multi-talented tour de force Rating: *****
A brilliant ‘sleeper’; hypnotic.

I don’t usually go for these 1-bloke-plays-everything dazzlers but Diaz has mastery of all his instruments – guitar, basses (fretless and harmonic), drums, keyboards, melodica – the lot.

Eleven superbly crafted tracks that will inspire other instrumentalists and wow those in need of a satisfying listen.

Superb production values (Mr Diaz again, yet another talented string to his polymath bow) and a worthy tribute to DD’s dedicatees, among them Miles and Piazzolla.

Cop a listen, and have credit card details ready to order. We need more like this.

Reviewer: Chris Holmes “busker” (Bainbridge Island, WA USA)


Expreso Nova : Mil Sonidos (New Single)

Expreso Nova : Mil Sonidos (Single 2021)

Rony Keselman: Vocals

Daniel Díaz: Bass, organ, Fender Rhodes, drums, ukulele, synth, vocals.

Alejandro Spinelli: Guitars (electric and acoustic)

Marcelo De Bonis: Flugel Horn

The rock band Expreso Nova, formed in Buenos Aires in the eighties makes its  «come-back» in 2021 with a new single: Mil Sonidos

It might be a come-back on making music together, but in career/discography terms it’s a late day debut: after 33 years of a regenerative pause, the quartet finally makes their first song officially available on April 20th 2021.

Thanks for listening,  love

DD, March 2021

Expreso Nova, Lanus, Argentina 1986 Expreso Nova, Lanus, Argentina 1986
Single 2021 Expreso Nova Mil Sonidos
Expreso Nova “Mil Sonidos” cover art
Words and music by Rony Keselman.
Arranged by Daniel Díaz (with Chufit Spinelli and  Marcelo De Bonis).
Produced by Daniel Díaz.
Recorded in Buenos Aires (Almagro y Abasto) and San Martín de los Andes (in Argentina), and  París (France) during January to march 2021.
Download and  streaming, choose your service:
Spotify link click here


Raul Barboza Trio


Raul Barboza Trio:

Raul Barboza: Accordion

Norberto Pedrerria: Acoustic Guitar

Daniel Diaz: Acoustic Bass

New album 12 DE JULIO EN PARIS, recorded “live in the studio” to be released November 15th 2019. Total 10 tracks, 46:30 length.

Download and streaming, choose your service:

Spotify album click here


Raul Barboza Trio Live, Armenia 2017

This is Raul Barboza “European Trio”. We’ve been actively performing in France and abroad for the past decade, but we never recorded in the studio as a trio before (Raul and I did an album alone as a duo, Ruta 40, Norberto recorded with Raul on some of Barboza’s albums from the late 1990’s and Norberto and I have collaborated on each other’s records for a long time, most notably on Norberto Pedreira Trio).

After some shows in France a couple of years ago, we decided to go to the studio and informally perform our usual set-list, just for fun and to have a recorded souvenir of our more “free” improvised takes on some of Barboza’s standard “chamamés”.

I went back to those shelved sessions this year in order to choose the best takes and mix down the 4-track masters for a listening session with Raul and Norberto.

The relaxed, informal, warm (albeit rough at times), sensitive and fun feel, pleased us. So we decided to release it “as is”.

The cover art is a photo graciously proposed to us by American photographer Paul Hosefros (NY Times).

Thanks for listening,

Regards DD

(C) paul hosefros

You can preview the first track here: Barrio Latino @ SOUNDCLOUD

Recorded July 12th 2017 at Angel Studios (thanks Pajaro Canzani)
Produced by Daniel Diaz
Executive producers Diaz/Barboza/Pedreira

Cover Artwork

Daniel Diaz, Multi-Instrumentalist

50 Snapshots (that became 54 eventually)

In 2016 I created a “catalogue” of my instruments and sonic possibilities as a multi-instrumentalist. For that purpose I recorded  several short snippets with each and every instrument I own and play, performed solo or accompanied by other instruments, but one instrument at the time clearly in the spotlight.
The full set is available for streaming in a dedicated Soundcloud playlist here:

I took pictures of the actual instruments when possible (there’ll be a couple of snapshots using my favorite samples, the rest is actual instruments I own).

The instruments I used are:

Ronroco (Bolivia)
Acoustic Upright Piano (Yamaha)
Tenor Ukulele & Concert Ukulele
Fretless Bass Guitar (my custom 1988 Sekine)
Acoustic Bass Guitar (1990’s Larrivée & Kelly Dragonfly 5 strings)
Fender Rhodes
Melodicas: Hohner Piano 36 and Yamaha Pianica
Spacedrum (C minor “Deep Sky” tunning)
Electric Bass Schecter 62 Jazz Bass & Drake Diaz Custom5
Electric Bass : nylon strings (my Epiphone Allen Woody)
Spanish Guitar (solo Kraus late 70’s custom)
Bells (bronze, aluminium)
Harmonium (India)
Accordina (by Marcel Dreux)
Charango (Argentina)
Epiphone Jazz Guitar
Qinqin (china)
Java fretless guitar (Indonesia)
Tun and other bamboo drums
Talking Drums & Udu Drums
Percussions (bombo, Kuntrun, derbouka, doumbek, caxixi, etc)
Cymbals (Zildjian, Paiste)
Folk Guitar (Martin J15)
Stratocaster Guitar (Clean, Disortion)
Indonesian flutes
Upright Bass: bowed (solo&section), pizz, noises and FX
Marimba and Xylophone (real & samples)
Glockenspiel and Vibes (real & samples)
Ocarinas and clay “birds”
Toy Piano
Strings fake or real? (combined samples and real performances of basses and cellos)
Crystal Bowls & Glass Harmonica (samples)
Arpeggiator synths, analog synths, vocoder.
Bass Ukulele (Kala U-Bass)
Tibetan Bowls

Work for TV, films and documentaries.

Besides his extensive work for some of the world’s finest Music Libraries, Daniel Diaz composes on demand music for films theatre and TV.
He works in Paris, France in his recording studio where he records, edits, and mixes his own projects and other clients music. He uses his mobile studio to capture sounds while travelling around the world. This gives him autonomy and a fast response to special request/commissions.

Daniel Diaz talents as a multi-instrumentalist allows him to create rich compositions as stand alone musician, performing: acoustic piano, acoustic and electric guitars and basses, upright bass (pizz and bowed), synthesizers, programming, ukelele, charango, harmonium, hang (hand pan), percussion, accordina, melodica, some indian flutes.
He use to call additional musicians from his roster in Paris, USA, Spain and Argentina, to perform woodwinds, drums, cello, violin, accordion, bandoneon and trumpet.

Production music libraries

You can find (and license several) other D.D.’s compositions on these international publisher’s catalogues and music libraries:

Cezame Music Agency


Sonoton GmbH

Omnimusic (USA)

Music Vine (UK)

Daniel Diaz’s compositions have been used on:

Soundcloud “thematic” playlists

You can find on Daniel Diaz Soundcloud channel many experimental tracks, works in-progress and collaborations.

DD created some playlists compiling tracks made (or suitable) for audio-visual projects.

Playlists are compiled by style/genre, most of this tracks are unpublished:



Film Noir

Experimental- Noise

Experimental – ElectroAcoustic


World Instrumentals

There is also a playlist with a selection of DD’s production music and film/TV tracks, music already used:

Soundtrack Playlists