Lugar Comun

Lugar Comun/Daniel Diaz Trio

This album is Daniel Diaz’s third CD, performed in trio with USA woodwind player Bobby Rangell and Argentinian percussionist Javier Estrella.  Performed live in the studio with no overdubs.


Performed by
Daniel DIAZ : 
(Acoustic  Bass Guitar, Upright Bass,)
Bobby  RANGELL : (Flutes, Soprano and Alto Saxophones.)
Javier  ESTRELLA :(Drums, Percussion.)

Recorded at Angel Studio, Paris, France, May-June 2004

Produced by Daniel Díaz

Daniel Díaz, Bobby Rangell & Javier Estrella.
« Bebê » and « Rosa…Rosa » arranged by  D.D. 

Mixed by D.D. at The Pleasure Dome, Paris, during July 2004.

Cover art by Sergio Pittaluga.

Available CD and Download:
Bandcamp/Lugar Comun

Listen: Spotify

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Daniel Diaz Trio Lugar Comun
Daniel Diaz Trio / Lugar Comun

Track list:

1. Zamba 4 by daniel díaz (zamba en cuatro)  
2. Chacabas
  by daniel díaz  (chacarera trunca)
3. Lluvias Costeras
by daniel díaz  (tango ballad)
4. Milonga Donata
by daniel díaz  (milonga)
5. Luiza
by antonio carlos jobim (vals)
6. Rosa…Rosa
by sandro & oscar anderle  (milonga)
7. Candombe p’al Beto
by daniel díaz (candombe)
8. Bebê 
by hermeto pascoal  (milongon/samba)
9. Pop (Lugar Comun)
by daniel díaz (popballad)
10. Get Out Of Town
by cole porter (bossa)
11. Calcarea
by daniel díaz  (ballad)
12. And I Love Her
by lennon & mccartney (bolero)

Total Time 70:48