Raul Barboza Trio


Raul Barboza Trio:

Raul Barboza: Accordion

Norberto Pedrerria: Acoustic Guitar

Daniel Diaz: Acoustic Bass

New album 12 DE JULIO EN PARIS, recorded “live in the studio” to be released November 15th 2019. Total 10 tracks, 46:30 length.

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Raul Barboza Trio Live, Armenia 2017

This is Raul Barboza “European Trio”. We’ve been actively performing in France and abroad for the past decade, but we never recorded in the studio as a trio before (Raul and I did an album alone as a duo, Ruta 40, Norberto recorded with Raul on some of Barboza’s albums from the late 1990’s and Norberto and I have collaborated on each other’s records for a long time, most notably on Norberto Pedreira Trio).

After some shows in France a couple of years ago, we decided to go to the studio and informally perform our usual set-list, just for fun and to have a recorded souvenir of our more “free” improvised takes on some of Barboza’s standard “chamamés”.

I went back to those shelved sessions this year in order to choose the best takes and mix down the 4-track masters for a listening session with Raul and Norberto.

The relaxed, informal, warm (albeit rough at times), sensitive and fun feel, pleased us. So we decided to release it “as is”.

The cover art is a photo graciously proposed to us by American photographer Paul Hosefros (NY Times).

Thanks for listening,

Regards DD

(C) paul hosefros

You can preview the first track here: Barrio Latino @ SOUNDCLOUD

Recorded July 12th 2017 at Angel Studios (thanks Pajaro Canzani)
Produced by Daniel Diaz
Executive producers Diaz/Barboza/Pedreira

Daniel Diaz, Multi-Instrumentalist

50 Snapshots (that became 54 eventually)

In 2016 I created a “catalogue” of my instruments and sonic possibilities as a multi-instrumentalist. For that purpose I recorded  several short snippets with each and every instrument I own and play, performed solo or accompanied by other instruments, but one instrument at the time clearly in the spotlight.
The full set is available for streaming in a dedicated Soundcloud playlist here:


I took pictures of the actual instruments when possible (there’ll be a couple of snapshots using my favorite samples, the rest is actual instruments I own).

The instruments I used are:

Ronroco (Bolivia)
Acoustic Upright Piano (Yamaha)
Tenor Ukulele & Concert Ukulele
Fretless Bass Guitar (my custom 1988 Sekine)
Acoustic Bass Guitar (1990’s Larrivée & Kelly Dragonfly 5 strings)
Fender Rhodes
Melodicas: Hohner Piano 36 and Yamaha Pianica
Spacedrum (C minor “Deep Sky” tunning)
Electric Bass Schecter 62 Jazz Bass & Drake Diaz Custom5
Electric Bass : nylon strings (my Epiphone Allen Woody)
Spanish Guitar (solo Kraus late 70’s custom)
Bells (bronze, aluminium)
Harmonium (India)
Accordina (by Marcel Dreux)
Charango (Argentina)
Epiphone Jazz Guitar
Qinqin (china)
Java fretless guitar (Indonesia)
Tun and other bamboo drums
Talking Drums & Udu Drums
Percussions (bombo, Kuntrun, derbouka, doumbek, caxixi, etc)
Cymbals (Zildjian, Paiste)
Folk Guitar (Martin J15)
Stratocaster Guitar (Clean, Disortion)
Indonesian flutes
Upright Bass: bowed (solo&section), pizz, noises and FX
Marimba and Xylophone (real & samples)
Glockenspiel and Vibes (real & samples)
Ocarinas and clay “birds”
Toy Piano
Strings fake or real? (combined samples and real performances of basses and cellos)
Crystal Bowls & Glass Harmonica (samples)
Arpeggiator synths, analog synths, vocoder.
Bass Ukulele (Kala U-Bass)
Tibetan Bowls

Soundcloud “thematic” playlists

You can find on Daniel Diaz Soundcloud channel many experimental tracks, works in-progress and collaborations.

DD created some playlists compiling tracks made (or suitable) for audio-visual projects.

Playlists are compiled by style/genre, most of this tracks are unpublished:



Film Noir

Experimental- Noise

Experimental – ElectroAcoustic


World Instrumentals

There is also a playlist with a selection of DD’s production music and film/TV tracks, music already used:

Soundtrack Playlists

Swan Song

Swan Song

Swan Song is the final statement (and final physical release) by Daniel Diaz after The Years Alone and Seguundo Ciclo, in the same wolrd-jazz style.

Produced by Daniel Diaz

Recorded between 2009 and 2014 in Buenos Aires, Lanus and Villa Gesell (Argentina), Paris and Montreuil (France), Los Angeles (USA). Mixed and mastered 2015 in Paris.

Performed by

Daniel Diaz: acoustic and electric Basss, acoustic and electric guitars, requinto, upright bass, acoustic and electric piano, keyboards, vibes, hang, harmonium, percussion, accordina, charango, ukulele, programming.

Featuring :

Steve Arguelles (UK) Drums
Gustavo Bulgach (USA/Arg) Clarinet
Patrick Bebey (Cameroun) Fender  Rhodes
Javier Estrella (Argentina) Drums
Leandro Guffanti (Argentina) Soprano Sax
Damian Jarry (France) Cello
Line Kruse (Danemark) Violin
David Lewis (Australia) Flugel Horn
Olivier Manoury (France) Bandoneon
Daniel Miguez (Argentina) Drums
Norberto Pedreira (Arg/Fr) Guitar
Bobby Rangell (USA) Alto Sax, flutes
Luis Rigu (Arg/Fr) : Flutes
Inor Sotolongo (Cuba) Congas
Miguel Yanover (Argentina) Tenor Sax

Cover design by Sergio Pittaluga

Photo by Juan Hitters

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Swan Song (cover art) album by Daniel Diaz
swan song photo [c]juan hitters

Swan Song track list

  1. Otoño y Martes (love theme n°1)
  2. Os Historicos
  3. Romántica Cromática
  4. Antefinal                                    
  5. Ganimedes
  6. Erik Satie’s Farewell                   
  7. Alexis Luminoso                          
  8. Tristesse Collateral                     
  9. Same Old Song                          
  10. Harold’s Lake                 
  11. Resumé (Swan Song)

total time 47:26

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Palermo
  2. Neo Zamba (Fin de Siècle)        
  3. New York Polonaise                   
  4. Gandolfini Etc.
  5. Vignette L.A.                      

total time 29:23

Composed by Daniel Diaz.

Total full album time:  77:16

Liner notes:

This album is called Swan Song. Here you will find the last chapter in the research I started with my very first album in 1993. In terms of style, Swan Song can be considered as the third and last part of a trilogy (started with The Years Alone and Segundo Ciclo in between) of solo “composer” albums where I can also show my skills as a multi-instrumentalist and arranger, and gather compositions written in different places and times, with varied styles and instrumentations.

Like the two aforementioned discs, I asked for help from some friends that I like (people with whom I played and shared stages and recording studios over the years, and a couple of new partners). These great musicians gave life to these songs and added musicality and talent to Swan Song. They managed to interpret the meaning I intend of all this: simplicity and beauty prevail over technique.
Here you’ll find simple and catchy instrumental compositions with strong, sensitive melodies, passionate and sophisticated harmonies and atmospheres, rather gentle rhythms and a variety of instruments and sounds.
In Swan Song there are tracks with odd and irregular metric, unexplained modulations, dozens of time-signature changes, erroneous dissonances, tempo shifts, etc. But hopefully it all goes unnoticed (only visible to the musicians who read the sheet music and to those who try to transcribe this music).

So it is ok if this long record seem banal and simple to some listeners. But may the sensitivity it hides reach the hearts of some. It was made with all my soul and heart, I swear 

DD November 2014

Swan Song by my friend, the late great Sergio Pittaluga (Uruguay)
Swan Song by Sergio Pittaluga

landscapes, consonance & solitude

18 track compilation, 2006-2015
soundtrack and production music by daniel diaz
Download includes digital booklet.

landscapes, consonance & solitude

Track List:

1.ukelele & orchestra 02:48

2.ambiguo fukushima 02:46

3.siete 03:00

4.panamericana 1 03:03

5.vitae 03:07

6.ambiguo bachiano 02:13

7.berceuse d’été 03:04

8.electric bass phases 02:35

9.stratocaster pulses 03:42

10.panamericana 2 02:53

11.falso requiem 03:58

12.autumnal 02:55

13.l’aube 02:39

14.openness 03:12

15.sieste en bessin 02:10

16.prairie light 02:16

17.litoral mojacar 04:04

18.luna’s divertimento 02:03

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landscapes, consonance & solitude album by daniel diaz
landscapes, consonance & solitude

landscapes, consonance & solitude
a compilation 2006-2015
soundtrack and production music by daniel diaz

ambient, repetitive, minimalist, naïve, simple and sensitive instrumentals


released August 22, 2015

album dynamic range DR 13
24 bit digital masters

performed by DD
(ukulele, multiple bowed upright basses, ronroco, upright bass pizz, charangos, 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars, percussion, acoustic and electric bass guitars, xylophone, analogue synth, glockenspiel, requintos, voice, hang/spacedrum, upright piano , celesta, field drums,Indian harmonium, accordina, string orchestra samples.)

with gustavo bulgach (clarinet) and michel herbin (harmonica)

album cover © jasper van der meij

Electronica Sensible

Electronica Sensible

Old school electronic music, ambient-experimental-electronica

Track List :

Track List

  1. Combray
  2. Oxygen
  3. Voided
  4. Impressionniste (Wendy&Walter)
  5. Tachycardia
  6. Tapes
  7. La Falaise (Insensible)
  8. Morse
  9. Anomaly 484
  10. La Falaise (Theme)
  11. Nordic
  12. Equis (X)
  13. Plaintive (Background)
  14. Sand Pulses
  15. Plaintive (Theme)
  16. Tomita’s (Ice Flakes)
  17. Austral (Underscore)
  18. Instant 1103
  19. Instant 2251B
  20. Instant 6212PK
  21. Austral (Theme)

Total time 64:15 

Electronica Sensible by Daniel Diaz (album cover)
Electronica Sensible

Performed by Daniel Diaz

Total time 64:15 

Composed and performed by Daniel Diaz in Paris (France), Buenos Aires and Villa Gessell ( Argentina) during 2012-2013-2014.

Paris, France between March, 2005 and December, 2010

Available CD and Download:
Bandcamp/Electronica Sensible

Listen: Spotify

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Electronica Sensible: liner notes

This collection started as an exercise on nostalgia meet fashionable electronic music. I’ve been asked in the past few years to score in a specific, “modern” style, inspired by late takes on electronic music like Cliff Martinez, electro-acoustic soundtracks like Johann Johansen and Clint Mansell and more abstract stuff like Alva Noto, Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

People who pushed me to revisit this recent and fashionable styles were really reticent to go in a more traditional, old-fashioned electronic school that proved to be very successful and efficient in film scoring on the 70’s and 80’s. Most notably the works of people like Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder. Now, that was outdated and dowdy. But as we know, what’s dated today will be fashionable again tomorrow and eventually I played the (illegal, I know) “Esper Edition” of the Blade Runner OST (that I cherish) to somebody who was crazy with the vintage sounds of Drive soundtrack and realized that, at least those old styles were “in” again.

But, besides the analog sounds, it was the compositions that charmed me when I was a kid and that I was missing the most in recent “electro-years”. Those “themes” and melodies spiced by electronica, those arrangements that could sound almost baroque and out-dated now.

I’ve found myself going back to those LPs I own, full of melodies and yet deeply electronic, from my first purchases (Wendy Carlos and Isao Tomita) to the recent Sakamoto haunting piano with electro-glitches collaborations, through Vangelis and Giorgio and some others.

Here for you, an hour of electronic themes; synthetizers and acoustic instruments, programming and real performances, melodies, chord changes and soundscapes; all as an homage to those electro masters.

                                                      D.D. Paris, 20th December 2014

Segundo Ciclo

Segundo Ciclo

by Daniel Diaz
(Timeless records 2002)

Recorded at “Pleasure Dome Studios”, Buenos Aires, Argentina between January and July 1997.

Released worldwide by Timeless Records in 2002.

Segundo Ciclo is Daniel Diaz’s sophomore release, a follow up to The Years Alone in the same wolrd-jazz style.

Performed by Daniel DIAZ :
(Acoustic Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic and Electric Basses, Upright Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Percussion, Drums, Programming.)


Manuel MIRANDA : Flutes, Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxes.    
Daniel MIGUEZ : Drums.    
Julian HOJMAN : Tenor Sax.
Juan Cruz URQUIZA : Trumpet.   
Gabriel KIRSCHENBAUM :Acoustic Guitar.   
Horacio LOPEZ : Percussion.
Gustavo PAGLIA : Bandoneon.   
Rikhi HAMBRA : Percussion.    
Miguel Angel AMARAL : Voices.

Arranged and Produced by  D.D.

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Segundo Ciclo  (cover art) album by Daniel Diaz
segundo cilco (2002)

Track list:

1. Segundo Ciclo 6:44
2. Calcarea 6:25
3. Final Jersey Side 6:51
4. Trois Vibes N°1(juillet 14) 3:07
5. 22 Orientales 6:30
6. Monterrico’s Blues 8:40
7. Final Troisi 7:01
8. Ometepe’s 7:24
9. Hipertrunca 4:07
10. Lerdo 85 5:36
11. Trois Vibes No.3 4:34

Composed by Daniel Diaz.
Total Time:  55:36

Cover design by Sergio Pittaluga

The Years Alone

The Years Alone

by Daniel Diaz
(Green Linnet-Xenophile/USA 1995)

Recorded during 1993 in Buenos Aires and released worldwide by the Green Linnet/Xenophile label (on CD and Cassette) The Years Alone is Daniel Diaz debut album.

The Years Alone was released digitally (downloads) for the first time in 2015 and available on streaming services on February 2019.

Performed by Daniel DIAZ :
(Keyboards, Electric Basses, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Percussion, Drums, Programming.)


Manuel MIRANDA : Flutes, Soprano and Alto Saxes, Quena, Sikus, Chekere.
Pato LOZA : Drums.
Ricky OLARTE : Congas.
Gustavo PAGLIA : Bandoneon.
Rikhi HAMBRA : Tabla.
Miguel Angel AMARAL : Voices.
Beto SATRAGNI: Bass, Percussion, Voice.

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The Years Alone (cover art) album by Daniel Diaz
The Years Alone

Track list:

1>El Jardin a la Distancias
2>Sur y Nortes
4>Lluvias Costerass
7> First Tango
8> La China y el Matador
9> 23 Punks
10>Candombe p’al Beto
11>Mr Davis

Composed by Daniel Diaz.
Total Time:  55:36